LIVE Debate on “Lifespans are Long Enough”

n the midst of all the recent debates we have special debate today, discussing if “Lifespans are Long Enough”. The Buck Institute’s CEO Dr. Brian Kennedy is participating in this debate being broadcast LIVE .online! Today (Feb 3rd, 6:45pm EST and 3:45pm PST)

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Life Is Too Sweet To Be Short

This article by Dr. Jyotiska Chaudhuri was selected as the Third Place winner to our 2015 SAGE blog contest! He discusses why the foods we enjoy the most often bad for us, and why they might influence our health and longevity.

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Hungry Neurons: An Interview With Dr. Zachary Knight on How We Respond to Food.

Dr. Knight’s lab studies neural circuits in the mouse that control feeding and other motivated behaviors central to survival. The labs goal is to understand how these circuits are able to sense the needs of the body and then generate the specific behavioral responses that restore homeostasis. During the seminar, Dr. Knight described how the brain’s “hunger circuit” governs eating.

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