Author: Barbara Bailus

Creating and Working at the World Renown San Francisco Exploratorium

Have you ever visited a science or discovery museum and thought “how do they make this happen?” or “how amazing it must be to create an exhibit!” Dr. Kristina Yu, the Director of the Living Systems Department at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, answered both of these questions during a recent visit with the scientists at the Buck Institute.

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Age: It’s All in Your Blood

To examine the changes that occur in blood as an individual ages, Dr. Andrew Johnson’s lab conducted an extensive study using thousands of patient blood samples, the study was then replicated, further verifying the results. The researchers chose to analyze the blood samples transcriptome, a measurement of the RNA transcripts from each gene. The compilation of RNA transcripts is a reflection of the relative expression levels of the genome at a given point in time.

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Interview with Dr. Blake Rasmussen: The Role of mTORC1 Signaling in Human Sarcopenia

I think the way we eat should be addressed. For instance, most individuals consume all of their daily protein at one, maybe two meals during the day. The problem is that only so much of that protein gets used, the rest then gets stored as fat. Usually the high protein meals are lunch and dinner, and dinner is often the meal with the least physical activity following it…we need a 30-30-30 plan.

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