Author: Chong He

Interview with Dr. Pankaj Kapahi: How Diet Influences Aging and Age Related Diseases

One of the big picture ideas is questioning the universality of the aging process. Does aging occur the same way in diabetics, cancer patients and normal individuals? At the same time we are also trying to focus on a particular age-related diseases like diabetic complications, while also trying to achieve a deeper understanding in the invertebrate models and examine their relevance in mammalian models.

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Interview with Dr. Sushmita Roy: Predicting Cell-Type Specific Mammalian Regulatory Networks

Sushmita Roy is an Assistant Professor in the Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Roy’s lab focuses on the development and application of statistical computational methods to identify the gene regulation networks which drive cellular functions by integrating different types of genome-wide datasets.

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Interview with Buck Professor Dr. Henri Jasper: Stem cells and aging, lessons from Drosophila

Research Background Dr. Heinrich (Henri) Jasper is a German-American biologist and Professor at the Buck Institute. He received his BS in biochemistry from the University of Tübingen, Germany. He was also a research student at the Max Planck Institutes of Biochemistry and Neurobiology in Munich, Germany. In 2002, he received a PhD in Biology ‘summa cum laude’ from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. After receiving his PhD, Dr. Jasper moved to the University of Rochester Medical Center, first as a researcher in the department of biomedical genetics, then as a tenured research professor at the department of biology. He has been at the Buck Institute since the summer of 2012. Dr. Jasper’s lab is interested in regulatory mechanisms that control stress tolerance, metabolism and aging. Current projects ongoing in his lab focus on the control of tissue regeneration, metabolic homeostasis, and cell death by insulin and stress signaling pathways. Most of these studies are being conducted in Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly), taking advantage of the wide range of genetic, molecular, and genomic techniques available for this model organism. During his research seminar at the Buck Institute, Dr. Jasper summarized his lab’s projects, which fall under three main topics. The interaction between the stress signaling pathway and insulin signaling, and its control on metabolic homeostasis and lifespan. The development of the fly retina as a model system in which to...

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Interview with Dr. Claudio Hetz: Proteostasis Impairment in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Research Background Dr. Claudio Hetz was originally trained as a biotechnology engineer at the University of Chile and earned a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Switzerland. He then went to Harvard University for his postdoctoral training. Dr. Hetz joined the University of Chile in 2007 and is currently a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and adjunct professor at Harvard. He is also the co-director of the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute. He has received numerous important awards for his research including the TWAS-ROLAC Young Scientist Prize as an outstanding young scientist in Latin America. Dr....

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