Author: Karen Ring

New Publication: Muscle-specific 4E-BP1 signaling activation improves metabolic parameters during aging and obesity

Dr. Brian Kennedy’s lab at the Buck Institute recently came out with a publication in the Journal of Clinical Investigation titled, “Muscle-specific 4E-BP1 signaling activation improves metabolic parameters during aging and obesity”. This study elegantly shows how blocking mTOR activity specifically in the skeletal muscles of mice can protect against age and obesity-induced decline in metabolic function.

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Stem cells get old too…

Stem cell basics and applications. When a scientist is asked to describe stem cells, words that come to mind include: pluripotent, self-renewal, and regeneration. Embryonic stem cells harbor all three of these traits. They are derived from early stage embryos and are capable of differentiating into any type of cell in the human body (this is what scientists refer to as “pluripotency”). Researchers are able to grow them in culture dishes for long periods of time because of their ability to divide and produce more copies of themselves (also known as the ability to “self-renew”). They are valuable tools...

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100 and Counting: More Facts on Centenarians

SAGE recently featured an article on Centenarians that described how the world’s 100+ population is steadily expanding due to advances in healthcare and technology that are extending lifespans. In writing that article, I found myself looking at various sources from universities, longevity associations, and scientific publications. There is a massive amount of data out there on centenarians as both scientists and the general public are becoming more interested in understanding why some people and not others live an entire century. I tried my best to summarize the main facts on centenarians and what we know about the genetic and environmental components that promote longevity. However, in our current era where social media and visual content are the most effective means for communicating with others, we have decided to include more visuals in our blogs to make our content easier to understand and more fun to read! So to start, we are featuring an infographic titled “100 and Counting”. This is a comprehensive summary of important facts on Centenarians both in the UK and around the world. This infographic was produced on behalf of ThyssenKrupp Encasa....

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