Author: Karen Ring

SAGE Review: Game-changing discoveries in cancer and neuroinflammation

It’s always exciting when major scientific discoveries change the way we view and understand human biology and complex diseases. Recently, two studies published in high impact journals created an internet and social media buzz because of their game-changing discoveries in the fields of cancer and neuroninflammation. Their findings not only further our comprehension of the mechanisms behind these diseases, but also open doors to entirely new areas of research that have the potential to develop more effective therapeutics and possibly even cures. A novel mechanism for how cancer cells combat replicative senescence. A cell is programmed to divide a...

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“SAGE Advice” for Postdocs on How to Get a Job in Industry From Dr. Tom Novak of Cellular Dynamics

Dr. Tom Novak is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Cellular Dynamics International (CDI). He also happens to be one of our corporate neighbors at the Buck Institute. SAGE recently interviewed Dr. Novak about CDI’s work on the CIRM Human iPSC Initiative, which is generating the world’s largest human patient-derived iPSC bank. During the interview, Dr. Novak graciously offered to discuss his thoughts in a separate interview on how postdocs can successfully transition from academia into R&D positions in industry. Given his academic experience (PhD from Caltech and Postdoc from Yale) and industry experience (Wyeth-Ayerst, Roche, Fate Therapeutics,...

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SAGE Review: New insights into calorie restriction and its effects on sarcopenia and aging

Some of our most popular blogs on SAGE have been on calorie restriction (here, here, and here) and sarcopenia (here and here), better known as age-related muscle degeneration. Calorie restriction can extend lifespan in various animal models but has not been shown to extend lifespan in humans. Besides extending lifespan in animals, there are other beneficial effects resulting from calorie restriction and understanding the mechanisms behind these events is a priority in the field of aging. As for sarcopenia, muscle loss with age is inevitable and thus far, no cures or preventative therapies exist (however a number of potential...

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First Rule of Centenarian Club: Live to 100

This is not some twisted version of Fight Club, a movie in which the character, Tyler Durden, escapes from his mundane life by fighting other men in a secret underground club. While Fight Club was likely cathartic for its members, it is a probably not a model for how to live a long life. The Centenarian Club is quite the opposite, and celebrates human longevity and health.

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Maximizing Your Full Potential as a Scientist: Discussion with Dr. Judy Kjelstrom

Dr. Judy Kjelstrom is the Director of the UC Davis (UCD) Biotechnology Program, which forges connections and partnerships between scientists and industry. The Buck Postdoctoral Association recently invited Dr. Judy to discuss how postdocs and graduate students can maximize their full potential as scientists in both academia and industry. Dr. Kjelstrom has an interesting and unique career path. She grew up in the town of Napa and was the first in her family to attend college at Sacramento State. Initially, Dr. Judy had aspirations to be a doctor, but after college, her path took her on multiple journeys including...

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