Author: Rammohan Rao

Balance your way to a healthy brain

Before reading this article, please attempt this exercise: Grab a pair of socks. From a standing position, bend one knee and raise that leg out in front of you, keeping your knee bent. From here, try to put a sock on your raised foot while maintaining your balance. Repeat the same procedure on the other leg. If you successfully managed to put on both socks without losing your balance, congratulate yourself and do this exercise daily. However, if you struggled with your balance, you need to think about strategies to strengthen your balance centers in the brain as this...

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AGING GRACEFULLY: Simple tips to healthy aging and extended longevity

Let’s say you are not in favor of pills (like me), you are a teetotaler (like me) and you do not have control over your calorie intake. Despite that, you could still be healthy and also live longer. Here are three simple tips to age gracefully and bring greater fulfillment to your life: Smiling and Longevity: I came across an interesting scientific study that found a connection between smiling and longevity. People who are contented are not only healthier but they may also live longer. One visible way of showing that you are happy and contented is through a...

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