Author: Todd Plummer

SAGE celebrates National Postdoc Awareness Week (Sept. 19 – 25)

The SAGE Blog celebrates the 6th Annual National Postdoc Appreciation Week, which wraps up today. Postdoctoral Fellows at the Buck Institute provide in-the-lab leadership for much of the research that we do. They also mentor undergrads, Masters students, and even high-school students throughout the year in different programs. Truly, they are at the heart of the science here. Today, we will gather at the Buck to salute the Postdocs. We will also celebrate the first anniversary of the SAGE Blog, brainchild of former Buck Postdoc Karen Ring. Happy Birthday to...

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Testing Compounds for Improving Lifespan & Healthspan

Yellow is the color of health – at least in many compounds that seem to have beneficial effects in health and lifespan. Here, curcumin – the yellow ingredient in the spice turmeric, is added to plates of C. elegans nematodes as part of the Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Project (CITP) in the Lithgow lab.

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“The Worm Conference”: from the bonds of many droplets, a mighty river roars…

“What do you like about studying C. elegans?” This was the question posed to attendees (myself included) by long-time scientists/entertainers Morris Maduro and Curtis Loer at the Genetics Society of America (GSA)’s 20th Annual Worm Conference hosted at UCLA this past June. Out of all the worm conferences around the nation each year, this is the only one referred to simply as “THE Worm Meeting.” The emcees of the ever-popular, conference-ending variety show (the Worm Show) asked attendees of the conference what they enjoyed the most. By far the most popular answer was “the community.” One couldn’t help but...

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