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Buck postdocs and grad students represent at the 2014 Bay Area Aging Meeting.

There was an impressive turnout of Buck postdocs and graduate students at this years Bay Area Aging Meeting (BAAM) held at the Gladstone Institutes on December 10th, 2014. BAAM is a semiannual meeting sponsored by the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research whose goal is to stimulate the advancement of aging research, promote its application to human health, and connect scientists throughout the Bay Area to facilitate collaboration. The event was organized by faculty and featured research talks and posters by postdocs and graduate students from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Francisco, Stanford, Gladstone Institutes, and the Buck Institute.

Four postdocs and one graduate student from the Buck were selected to give research talks including Hongjie Li (Jasper lab), Shihyin Tsai (Kennedy lab), Kazutaka Akagi (Kapahi lab), Michael Velarde (Campisi lab), and Brandon Tavshanjian (Hughes lab). The conference also included a poster session showcasing exciting studies in basic and translational aging research. Postdoc Karen Ring (Ellerby lab) was selected as one of the four poster prize winners for her work on understanding the role TGF-β signaling in Huntington’s disease.

The conference celebrated recent accomplishments in the field of aging research, and also fostered networking amongst scientists from different institutions and universities in the bay area. The next BAAM meeting in spring 2015 will be held at the Buck Institute and is open to the public. For more information on BAAM and the Glenn Foundation, please refer to the BAAM Glenn Foundation website.

Buck Research Presentations

Hongjie Li: “Preventing age-related metaplasia promotes homeostasis of the gastrointestinal tract and extends lifespan”

Shihyin Tsai: “Activated muscle 4E-BP1 signaling improves the metabolic parameters in age- and obesity-induced metabolic deregulation”

Kazutaka Akagi: “Myc modulates enterocyte cell death in response to nutrients to modulate lifespan in D. melanogaster”

Michael Velarde: “Mitochondrial dysfunction in epidermal stem cells promotes beneficial and detrimental effects depending on age”

Brandon Tavshanjian: “The role of RAS signaling in promoting clearance of mutant Huntingtin protein”

Postdocs Chris Nelson and Mark McCormick contemplate about aging research.

Postdocs Chris Nelson and Mark McCormick contemplate why we age.

Postdocs Elie Maksoud and Karen Ring at the BAAM poster session.

Postdocs Elie Maksoud and Karen Ring at the BAAM poster session.

HongJie Li (Jasper lab)

Graduate Hongjie Li presents work on extending lifespan in flies.