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Fatty Liver Disease: Adjusting the focus

The liver is a complex organ that is easily influenced by diet and lifestyle. How does the Western diet, which consists heavily of fats and carbohydrates, affect diseases in the liver? Read more to find out what is known about Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other associated diseases!

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Speeding Up Science: Introduction

Despite years of research and billions of dollars, millions of people worldwide suffer from a wide range of incurable diseases and disorders. What can be done to speed up scientific discovery? Why is this issue so important now?

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is a time to remember all who have lost their lives to breast cancer, honor its survivors, and recognize the progress being made to cure it. Read about the focuses of some notable breast cancer researchers, including the Buck’s own Dr. Christopher Benz!

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Shingles: a childhood virus re-emerges

Imagine waking up one morning with a sharp pain starting in your upper back and wrapping around one side of your torso in a debilitating embrace. When you look in a mirror you see a bright red rash that covers the area of pain. Your doctor confirms you have Shingles…

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Lessons from the Worm: Novel Insights for the Nrf2 Cytoprotection Pathways

Dr. Curran’s lab is interested in understanding the molecules, genes and cells that impact aging and age-related diseases. They utilize a multidisciplinary approach that combines genetics, functional genomics, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and physiology to comprehensively study the complexities of the universal process of aging.

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SAGE goes to the Movies: A scientific review of “Deadpool“ (2016)

We’re going to look at the science behind the movie “Deadpool”, and ask whether –and to what degree — there is any scientific basis for Deadpool’s superhuman abilities. Deadpool’s primary ability is hyper-regeneration. He is able to shrug off potentially lethal bodily injuries, to the point where he severs his own hand, and within a few days has regrown a new one. But how did he gain these abilities, and how realistic might they be?

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