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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is a time to remember all who have lost their lives to breast cancer, honor its survivors, and recognize the progress being made to cure it. Read about the focuses of some notable breast cancer researchers, including the Buck’s own Dr. Christopher Benz!

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SAGE goes to the Movies: A scientific review of “Deadpool“ (2016)

We’re going to look at the science behind the movie “Deadpool”, and ask whether –and to what degree — there is any scientific basis for Deadpool’s superhuman abilities. Deadpool’s primary ability is hyper-regeneration. He is able to shrug off potentially lethal bodily injuries, to the point where he severs his own hand, and within a few days has regrown a new one. But how did he gain these abilities, and how realistic might they be?

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Aging Fundamentals: Cellular Senescence

Half a century ago, a scientist named Leonard Hayflick discovered that the number of times a normal, non-cancerous human cell can divide is limited. Beyond this point, Hayflick noted that cells would stop dividing and that there is a maximum number of times a cell can divide. This hypothetical maximum number of cell divisions came to be known as the “Hayflick Limit”, and the phenomenon itself is now known as cellular senescence.

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